Bitcoin BSC Whitepaper


Welcome to Bitcoin BSC – The Future of Crypto on Binance Smart Chain. This whitepaper outlines the innovative features, unique selling points, and the revolutionary approach of Bitcoin BSC in shaping the future of decentralized finance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) emerges as a groundbreaking project, not merely as a digital asset but as a visionary undertaking that fuses the fundamental principles of Bitcoin with the advanced efficiency of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With an expansive total supply of 21 quadrillion tokens, Bitcoin BSC pioneers innovative concepts such as auto-mining, real BTC rewards, and a commitment to eco-friendly crypto solutions.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature, the need for sustainable and value-driven projects becomes increasingly apparent. Bitcoin BSC positions itself at the forefront of this evolution, aiming not just to be a token but a transformative force that reshapes the narrative of decentralized finance (DeFi). Let’s delve into the unique features and principles that define the essence of Bitcoin BSC and set it apart in the crypto sphere.

Problem Statement:
The current crypto landscape presents users with several challenges, especially in the realms of holding and earning Bitcoin. Traditional cryptocurrencies, while revolutionary in their own right, often lack seamless integration and accessibility for users seeking a straightforward experience. Additionally, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, despite its transformative potential, exhibits gaps that hinder users from fully harnessing the benefits of digital assets.

  1. Accessibility Challenges: Many users, especially newcomers to the crypto space, find it challenging to navigate the intricacies of holding and managing Bitcoin. The processes involved, from acquiring and securing to storing and earning, can be daunting, deterring potential enthusiasts from participating in the crypto revolution.
  2. Earning Opportunities: While the concept of earning through cryptocurrencies is enticing, existing platforms often lack straightforward mechanisms for users to passively accumulate assets. The complexity of staking, liquidity provision, or yield farming can be overwhelming for those seeking a more user-friendly and rewarding experience.
  3. Gaps in DeFi: The decentralized finance ecosystem, while revolutionary, still faces gaps in providing a holistic and inclusive experience for users. Issues such as high transaction fees, slow confirmation times, and limited integration with traditional financial systems hinder the widespread adoption of DeFi solutions.

Bitcoin BSC’s Vision:
In a dynamic crypto landscape filled with challenges and opportunities, Bitcoin BSC stands as a beacon of innovation. The project’s vision encapsulates a profound understanding of the hurdles faced by users in the current crypto sphere, transforming these challenges into avenues for groundbreaking solutions.

  1. Addressing Accessibility Concerns: Bitcoin BSC acknowledges the inherent complexities surrounding Bitcoin’s accessibility. From acquiring to managing, the traditional barriers to entry have often deterred potential enthusiasts. Bitcoin BSC aims to unravel these intricacies, providing a user-friendly gateway for individuals of all backgrounds to seamlessly access and interact with Bitcoin.
  2. Simplifying the Earning Process: Recognizing the allure of earning through cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin BSC seeks to simplify the earning process. Unlike intricate staking mechanisms or complex yield farming protocols, Bitcoin BSC introduces an intuitive and straightforward approach, allowing users to effortlessly accumulate assets by merely holding $BTCBSC.
  3. Bridging Gaps in DeFi: Bitcoin BSC sees the potential for improvement in the decentralized finance ecosystem. With a commitment to bridging existing gaps, the project envisions a DeFi experience that transcends barriers. This includes mitigating high transaction fees, streamlining confirmation times, and enhancing integration with traditional financial systems to foster widespread adoption.
  4. Seamless and Rewarding Experience: At its core, Bitcoin BSC aspires to offer users a seamless and rewarding journey. Whether you are a novice exploring the crypto world or a seasoned enthusiast, the project aims to empower users at every level of expertise. Holding, earning, and engaging with Bitcoin become not only accessible but also aligned with the core principles of decentralization and inclusivity.

In essence, Bitcoin BSC’s vision is a testament to its commitment to redefining the user experience within the crypto space. By embracing innovation and inclusivity, the project endeavors to usher in a new era where holding and earning Bitcoin are not just transactions but transformative experiences.

Solution Overview:
Bitcoin BSC stands at the forefront of innovation, introducing a comprehensive solution that addresses the inherent challenges of holding and earning Bitcoin. By harnessing the capabilities of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the project offers a streamlined and efficient ecosystem where users can enjoy instant, low-cost transactions with unparalleled ease.

  1. Efficiency through Binance Smart Chain: Bitcoin BSC’s strategic integration with the Binance Smart Chain represents a paradigm shift in transactional efficiency. Leveraging the BSC’s advanced infrastructure, the project ensures that users experience swift and cost-effective transactions, mitigating the common issues associated with high fees and slow confirmation times on traditional blockchain networks.
  2. Auto-Mine Functionality: At the core of Bitcoin BSC’s solution is the revolutionary auto-mine functionality. Unlike traditional staking models that often require active participation, Bitcoin BSC empowers users to earn Bitcoin effortlessly. By simply holding $BTCBSC tokens in their wallets, users become part of a continuous mining process that automatically generates BTC rewards.
  3. Seamless Integration for Users: The solution’s user-centric approach extends beyond transactional efficiency. Bitcoin BSC aims to make the entire process seamless for users, ensuring that both newcomers and experienced crypto enthusiasts can effortlessly navigate and participate in the platform. This commitment to user experience sets the stage for a crypto ecosystem that is truly accessible to all.
  4. Eco-Friendly Crypto: Bitcoin BSC not only prioritizes efficiency but also champions eco-friendliness. With a vision to minimize energy waste, the project aligns itself with sustainable practices, contributing to a greener and more responsible crypto environment.

In essence, Bitcoin BSC’s solution is a comprehensive response to the challenges users face in the current crypto landscape. By combining the efficiency of BSC, the simplicity of auto-mining, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, the project paves the way for a new era of user-friendly and eco-conscious cryptocurrency experiences.


Bitcoin BSC introduces a robust tokenomics model designed to ensure fair distribution, sustained development, and continuous community engagement. With a total supply of 21 quadrillion tokens, the project strategically allocates tokens across various categories to create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

  1. Total Supply:
    • Bitcoin BSC’s total token supply is capped at 21 quadrillion, mirroring the scarcity principles of Bitcoin while accommodating a broader user base.
  2. Allocation Breakdown:
    • Pre-sale: A portion of the tokens is reserved for the pre-sale phase, offering early supporters an opportunity to acquire tokens at a discounted rate and participate in the project’s initial growth.
    • Team and Development: Allocations for the team and development ensure that the project has the resources needed for continuous innovation, improvement, and ecosystem expansion.
    • Community Rewards: A dedicated portion is set aside for community rewards, fostering engagement and incentivizing users to actively participate in the Bitcoin BSC community.
    • Liquidity Pool: To ensure liquidity on decentralized exchanges, a portion of the tokens is allocated to the liquidity pool, contributing to a stable and vibrant market.
    • Ecosystem Partnerships: Collaboration is key to the project’s success. An allocation for ecosystem partnerships facilitates strategic alliances and integrations that enhance the overall value of Bitcoin BSC.
  3. Burning Mechanism:
    • Bitcoin BSC incorporates a burning mechanism, a deliberate and controlled reduction of the token supply. This mechanism not only introduces a deflationary aspect to the token but also contributes to long-term value appreciation.
  4. Decimals:
    • Bitcoin BSC employs 18 decimals, providing the flexibility needed for microtransactions and precision in token transfers.
  5. Adjustable Parameters:
    • Certain parameters, including the percentage allocation for rewards and burning, are adjustable. This flexibility allows the project to adapt to changing market conditions and community preferences over time.
  6. Transaction Fees:
    • Each sale transaction on the platform incurs a fee, with a breakdown that includes a percentage allocated to burning, BTC rewards, and the liquidity pool.

In summary, Bitcoin BSC’s tokenomics is meticulously crafted to strike a balance between scarcity, community empowerment, and sustainable growth. The combination of adjustable parameters and a burning mechanism positions the project for long-term success and resilience in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.

Smart Contract:

Bitcoin BSC’s smart contract serves as the backbone of the project, incorporating cutting-edge functionalities to ensure security, transparency, and the seamless execution of key processes. Here’s an in-depth look into the features of the smart contract:

  1. Distribution of BTC Rewards:
    • The smart contract is designed to automatically distribute BTC rewards to holders of $BTCBSC. This process is triggered during each sale transaction on the Binance Smart Chain.
  2. Transaction Fee Management:
    • The contract manages transaction fees associated with selling $BTCBSC. These fees include allocations for burning, BTC rewards distribution, and contribution to the liquidity pool.
  3. Security Measures:
    • Prioritizing the safety of user funds, the smart contract undergoes rigorous security audits. The audit process involves a comprehensive review of the contract’s code to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Open-Source Code:
    • Transparency is a core principle of Bitcoin BSC. The smart contract’s code is open-source, allowing anyone to scrutinize, review, and contribute to its development. This transparency fosters trust within the community and ensures that the project adheres to its stated objectives.
  5. Decentralized Governance:
    • While not explicitly stated, the smart contract may include mechanisms for decentralized governance, enabling $BTCBSC holders to participate in decision-making processes, vote on proposals, and actively contribute to the project’s evolution.
  6. Flexibility and Upgradability:
    • The smart contract may be designed to accommodate future upgrades and adjustments. This flexibility ensures that the project can adapt to emerging trends, technological advancements, and community preferences without compromising security.
  7. Auditing Partnerships:
    • Bitcoin BSC may engage with reputable auditing firms to conduct regular security audits. These partnerships further enhance the project’s credibility and provide users with assurance regarding the integrity of the smart contract.

By incorporating these features, the smart contract of Bitcoin BSC aims to create a secure, transparent, and community-driven infrastructure. The commitment to open-source principles and ongoing security audits demonstrates the project’s dedication to maintaining a robust and resilient ecosystem for its users.

BTC Rewards System:

Bitcoin BSC introduces an innovative BTC rewards system that allows users to effortlessly earn real Bitcoin by holding $BTCBSC in their wallets. This revolutionary system is intricately designed to create a seamless and rewarding experience for token holders. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the BTC rewards mechanism:

  1. Holding $BTCBSC:
    • The core principle is simple – the longer you hold $BTCBSC, the more Bitcoin you earn. Users are incentivized to retain their tokens in their wallets, contributing to the overall stability and growth of the ecosystem.
  2. Automatic Distribution:
    • The BTC rewards are distributed automatically to $BTCBSC holders. This distribution process is triggered during sale transactions on platforms like PancakeSwap. The automation ensures that users receive their rewards without any manual intervention.
  3. Sale Transaction Triggers:
    • The distribution of BTC rewards occurs specifically during sale transactions. When users sell $BTCBSC on decentralized exchanges, a portion of the transaction value is converted into real Bitcoin, creating a continuous stream of rewards for holders.
  4. Distribution Rate:
    • The default distribution rate is set at 10%. This means that 10% of the total transaction value during a sale is converted into Bitcoin and distributed among $BTCBSC holders. This percentage can be adjusted or fine-tuned based on the project’s parameters and community consensus.
  5. Proportional Rewards:
    • The rewards are distributed proportionally, meaning that the more $BTCBSC tokens an individual holds, the larger their share of the BTC rewards. This approach encourages long-term holding and engagement within the Bitcoin BSC community.
  6. Dynamic and Adaptive:
    • The BTC rewards system is dynamic and adaptable, allowing for adjustments based on the evolving needs of the project. Flexibility in distribution rates ensures that the system remains responsive to market dynamics and community preferences.
  7. Real Bitcoin Accumulation:
    • Perhaps the most enticing aspect is that the rewards earned are not in the form of another token but real Bitcoin. This adds a layer of authenticity to the rewards system, aligning with the project’s vision of integrating the best elements of Bitcoin with the efficiency of the Binance Smart Chain.

By implementing this BTC rewards system, Bitcoin BSC provides users with a unique opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem actively. It transforms $BTCBSC from a static asset into a dynamic instrument for earning and accumulating real Bitcoin, fostering sustained community engagement and loyalty.


Bitcoin BSC’s roadmap is a strategic guide outlining significant milestones in the project’s development, from the pre-development phase to future upgrades. This comprehensive roadmap reflects the commitment to transparency and project evolution. Explore the journey that Bitcoin BSC is set to embark on:

  1. Pre-Development Phase (2021-2024):
    • Initial groundwork is laid during the pre-development phase, setting the foundation for the Bitcoin BSC project. Research, planning, and early development activities shape the vision of the future.
  2. Pre-Sale Launch (2024 Q2):
    • The official launch of the Bitcoin BSC project commences with the pre-sale event. Early supporters and contributors have the exclusive opportunity to acquire $BTCBSC tokens at a discounted rate, fostering community engagement and raising initial funds.
  3. Main Sale Event (2024 Q2):
    • Following the pre-sale, the main sale event opens to a broader audience, allowing more participants to become part of the Bitcoin BSC ecosystem. This phase marks a critical step in expanding the project’s reach.
  4. PancakeSwap Launch (2024 Q2):
    • Bitcoin BSC tokens become available for trading on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. This event introduces liquidity and accessibility for users looking to trade $BTCBSC.
  5. Bitcoin Rewards Activation (2024 Q2):
    • The innovative Bitcoin rewards system becomes active, allowing $BTCBSC holders to automatically earn real Bitcoin with each sale transaction. This feature enhances the value proposition for long-term HODLers.
  6. Bitcoin BSC Store (2024 Q3):
    • A dedicated platform is launched, enabling users to buy and sell products and services using Bitcoin BSC. This expansion enhances the utility of $BTCBSC beyond the realm of traditional cryptocurrencies.
  7. First Mobile App (2024 Q4):
    • Bitcoin BSC introduces its first mobile application, providing users with enhanced accessibility and convenience. The mobile app brings the benefits of Bitcoin BSC to users on the go.
  8. First Mobile Game (2025):
    • An exciting milestone is achieved with the launch of the first mobile game integrated with Bitcoin BSC. This move expands the project into the realm of entertainment and engagement.
  9. Listing on Binance (2025):
    • Bitcoin BSC gains broader exposure and accessibility with its listing on the Binance exchange, a leading global cryptocurrency platform. This listing opens new avenues for liquidity and user participation.
  10. New Upgrades and Features (<2026):
    • The journey doesn’t end; it evolves. Bitcoin BSC plans continuous upgrades and the introduction of new features, ensuring the project stays at the forefront of innovation and meets the evolving needs of its community.

Explore the live roadmap on the Bitcoin BSC website for real-time updates, additional details, and insights into the ongoing and upcoming phases of this groundbreaking project. Join the community, be part of the journey, and witness the future unfold.

Security Measures:

Bitcoin BSC prioritizes the security of user funds and the overall integrity of the project. Several key security measures have been implemented to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for all participants:

  1. Smart Contract Audits:
    • The smart contract governing Bitcoin BSC undergoes rigorous third-party audits. These audits are conducted by reputable blockchain security firms to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. The results of these audits are made available to the community, promoting transparency and confidence.
  2. Partnerships with Security Firms:
    • Collaborations with established blockchain security firms strengthen Bitcoin BSC’s security posture. These partnerships involve ongoing assessments and consultations to stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain a robust defense against potential exploits.
  3. Open-Source Smart Contract:
    • Bitcoin BSC’s smart contract is open-source, allowing the community and security experts to scrutinize its code for vulnerabilities. This transparency fosters a collaborative approach to security, with the wider community contributing to the identification and resolution of any issues.
  4. Continuous Security Practices:
    • Security is not a one-time effort; it’s an ongoing commitment. Bitcoin BSC implements continuous security practices to monitor and respond to potential threats in real-time. Regular reviews, updates, and improvements are integral to maintaining a secure environment for users.
  5. Community Vigilance:
    • The Bitcoin BSC community plays a vital role in ensuring the security of the platform. A vigilant and informed community can contribute to identifying and reporting potential security concerns promptly. Bitcoin BSC encourages community engagement in maintaining a secure ecosystem.
  6. Educational Initiatives:
    • To empower users with knowledge, Bitcoin BSC conducts educational initiatives on security best practices. This includes guidelines on secure wallet management, avoiding phishing attempts, and other security-related topics. Informed users are better equipped to protect their assets.
  7. Regular Updates and Communication:
    • Transparent communication is key to building trust. Bitcoin BSC provides regular updates on security-related matters, including any improvements or measures taken to enhance the platform’s security. Clear and timely communication ensures that users are well-informed.

By adopting a multi-faceted approach to security, Bitcoin BSC strives to create a secure and resilient ecosystem. The combination of smart contract audits, strategic partnerships, community involvement, and ongoing vigilance positions Bitcoin BSC as a project committed to safeguarding the interests of its users. The project remains proactive in adapting to the dynamic landscape of blockchain security to provide a safe and reliable platform for all participants.

Community Engagement:

At Bitcoin BSC, community engagement is not just a goal; it’s a fundamental aspect of our journey. We believe in building a vibrant and supportive community that actively contributes to the success and evolution of the project. Our community engagement strategies are designed to foster inclusivity, transparency, and shared enthusiasm. Here’s how we cultivate and nurture our community:

  1. Social Media Campaigns:
    • We leverage various social media platforms to connect with our community members. Engaging content, updates, and announcements are regularly shared on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, and more. These channels serve as hubs for discussions, feedback, and the latest project developments.
  2. Forums and Discussion Platforms:
    • Forums play a crucial role in facilitating in-depth discussions and knowledge-sharing. Bitcoin BSC maintains dedicated forums or threads on platforms like Bitcointalk and other crypto communities. These spaces are ideal for community members to share insights, ask questions, and participate in discussions.
  3. Ambassador Program:
    • Our Ambassador Program is a cornerstone of community involvement. Enthusiastic and committed community members can become official ambassadors, representing Bitcoin BSC in various capacities. Ambassadors play a vital role in spreading awareness, assisting newcomers, and organizing community events.
  4. Educational Initiatives:
    • Knowledge is empowerment. Bitcoin BSC invests in educational initiatives to ensure that the community is well-informed about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the unique features of Bitcoin BSC. Webinars, tutorials, and informative articles contribute to a more educated and confident community.
  5. Interactive Events and AMAs:
    • Regular interactive events, Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions, and live Q&A events are organized to provide direct communication channels between the project team and the community. These sessions allow community members to voice their opinions, seek clarifications, and actively participate in the project’s decision-making processes.
  6. Community Feedback and Surveys:
    • We value the opinions of our community members. Periodic surveys and feedback collection initiatives help us understand the preferences and expectations of our user base. This information is instrumental in shaping the future direction of Bitcoin BSC.
  7. Incentivized Programs:
    • To recognize and reward active community members, Bitcoin BSC organizes incentivized programs. These may include community contests, referral programs, and other activities where participants have the chance to earn additional rewards.
  8. Transparency and Open Communication:
    • Open and transparent communication is at the core of our community engagement strategy. We share regular updates, progress reports, and important announcements. This commitment to transparency builds trust and keeps the community well-informed.

By embracing these community engagement strategies, Bitcoin BSC aims to create an environment where every member feels valued and actively contributes to the project’s success. Our community is not just a spectator; it’s a driving force behind the evolution of Bitcoin BSC. Join us, engage with us, and be a part of the future of decentralized finance. Together, we’ll make a lasting impact.

Risk Factors:

Every venture, no matter how promising, comes with inherent uncertainties and potential challenges. At Bitcoin BSC, we acknowledge the importance of transparency and understanding the risks involved in our project. Below, we outline some potential risk factors associated with Bitcoin BSC, along with our commitment to addressing them and implementing mitigation strategies:

  1. Market Volatility:
    • Risk: The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, which can impact token prices and market sentiment.
    • Mitigation: Bitcoin BSC is designed with a long-term vision. We encourage investors to consider the project as a strategic investment and be aware of market dynamics. Diversification and risk management strategies are recommended.
  2. Regulatory Landscape:
    • Risk: Evolving regulatory environments can pose uncertainties and impact the project’s operation.
    • Mitigation: Bitcoin BSC is committed to staying compliant with relevant regulations. We closely monitor regulatory developments and adapt our strategies to ensure legal and regulatory adherence.
  3. Smart Contract Vulnerabilities:
    • Risk: Like any smart contract-based project, there is a risk of vulnerabilities or bugs that could impact the security of the platform.
    • Mitigation: Bitcoin BSC’s smart contract undergoes rigorous security audits by reputable third-party firms. Regular audits and updates are conducted to address any identified vulnerabilities promptly.
  4. Competition:
    • Risk: The crypto space is competitive, and new projects may emerge, potentially affecting Bitcoin BSC’s market position.
    • Mitigation: Continuous innovation, community engagement, and strategic partnerships are integral to Bitcoin BSC’s success. We focus on delivering unique value propositions to maintain a competitive edge.
  5. Adoption and User Engagement:
    • Risk: Widespread adoption and sustained user engagement are essential for the success of any project.
    • Mitigation: Bitcoin BSC actively engages with the community through various channels. Adoption initiatives, educational programs, and user incentives are employed to enhance user engagement.
  6. Technology Risks:
    • Risk: Technological advancements or disruptions could impact the project’s functionality.
    • Mitigation: Bitcoin BSC’s development team is dedicated to staying abreast of technological developments. Regular updates and improvements ensure the project’s resilience to technological changes.
  7. Economic Factors:
    • Risk: Broader economic conditions can influence investor sentiment and the overall crypto market.
    • Mitigation: Bitcoin BSC emphasizes a long-term vision. We encourage users to consider the project’s fundamentals and resilience to economic fluctuations.

It’s crucial to note that the cryptocurrency landscape is dynamic, and risks are inherent in any investment. The Bitcoin BSC team is committed to proactively addressing challenges, maintaining transparency, and implementing measures to navigate uncertainties effectively. As we progress, our dedication to the project’s success remains unwavering.


In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance, Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) stands out as a beacon of innovation, embodying the core principles of Bitcoin while harnessing the efficiency of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It’s more than just a token; it’s an open invitation to be part of a groundbreaking community-driven project that redefines the future of decentralized finance.

As we navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin BSC extends a warm welcome to investors, enthusiasts, and visionaries alike. Here’s why you should join us on this transformative journey:

  1. Community-Driven Vision:
    • Bitcoin BSC is more than a project; it’s a collective vision to create a decentralized financial ecosystem that empowers individuals globally. Our community is at the heart of this vision, steering the project towards new horizons.
  2. Strength of Bitcoin, Efficiency of BSC:
    • By combining the time-tested strength of Bitcoin with the efficiency of the Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin BSC strikes a harmonious balance between reliability and innovation. It’s an evolution that retains the essence of the original while embracing the advancements of today.
  3. Pre-Sale Opportunities:
    • The Bitcoin BSC Pre-Sale is a pivotal phase, offering early supporters and contributors the chance to secure tokens at a discounted rate. This exclusive opportunity is designed to foster community engagement, raise initial funds, and build momentum for the project.
  4. Real BTC Rewards:
    • HODLing $BTCBSC isn’t just about holding a token; it’s about earning real Bitcoin effortlessly. With each sale transaction on the Binance Smart Chain, BTC rewards are distributed to our community, providing a unique opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin seamlessly.
  5. Auto-Mine Functionality:
    • Bitcoin BSC introduces an auto-mine functionality that simplifies the earning process. Just HODL, and the rewards flow in—no staking required. It’s a hands-free approach to accumulating Bitcoin, making crypto work for you while you sleep.
  6. Zero Energy Waste:
    • Bitcoin BSC is committed to eco-friendly crypto. With a focus on efficient energy use and sustainable practices, we redefine the narrative, ensuring a greener future for decentralized finance.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to explore the pre-sale opportunities, engage with our vibrant community, and become an integral part of the Bitcoin BSC ecosystem. Together, let’s shape the future of decentralized finance—one block at a time.

Join us, and let’s redefine the future of crypto together!


Bitcoin BSC - Bitcoin of Future